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Anemic Domain Model vs Rich Domain Model in Java

08 Mar 2021  19 mins read.

When we write code, we try to hide as many details as possible - using appropriate access modifiers. Most often we use getters and setters methods to set the appropriate state o...

Kill the virus with a strategy pattern! Java Strategy Pattern with practical examples

13 Mar 2020  19 mins read.

Strategy Design Pattern in Java Todat I’ll take you to my lab. I’ll show you how to make your code cleaner. Any project can be created by multiple programmers at the same time, ...

Multithreading in Java. Java synchronization and concurrency. The most important information for a Java Developer interview

29 Feb 2020  18 mins read.

Introduction to Java Threads Being a Java programmer, most of us have had any contact with multithreading. One of the biggest challenges is to properly synchronize the code betw...

Java Recruitment Questions - hashCode() method explained in detail

11 Feb 2020  14 mins read.

Questions about hashCode() are asked on most interviews (from junior to senior level). In this post, you will find out what this method is, how it works for particular types, ho...

Java Recruitment Questions - Immutable Objects

04 Feb 2020  7 mins read.

Java Recruitment Questions - Immutable Objects In Java, object variability is something very common. Until recently, it was normal for most beans to have getters and setters (I...

Metrics from unstructured logs on Kubernetes. Sidecar pattern with grok exporter - Part 2

31 Aug 2019  8 mins read.

In previous post, you have looked into Prometheus basics. In this part, it is time to create Prometheus service on the Kubernetes which can scrape metrics from additional metric...

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